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ARMLogoTier 3 Engine

ARMLogoLarger Displacement Hydrostatic Motor
ARMLogoMore Power – 115 HP @ 2160rpm

ARMLogoQuieter Running Engine
ARMLogoLarger Hydraulic Oil Tank

ARMLogoElectronic Foot Pedal /w Auto Control
ARMLogoAM/FM Stereo, CD, Cup Holder

ARMLogoJoystick Control – All Hydraulic Functions
ARMLogo4 Headlights

MT6 Runner
The MT Series power team consists of the toughest, most durable and widely used drive train components in North America to ensure years of trouble free service. A Cummins QSB4.5 diesel engine, Dana 60 axles, Sunstrand Series 90 hydrostatic electronically controlled and Trackless two-speed mechanical gives infinitely variable speeds forward and reverse in two speed ranges.

Dana axles combined are rated at 11,800 lbs. and have automatic limited slip differentials which free the operator of engaging and disengaging a manual differential lock. As for the engine, the name Cummins says it all.

Others may come and go, wear out in a few years or simply not be powerful enough to do the job when faced with extreme conditions.

The Trackless MT, after almost 40 years, has proven itself to stand the test of time getting the job done when nothing else could. On average, customers do not trade in their Trackless for 15 years and even then the only reason to do so is to take advantage of advancements in technology which have allowed us to offer a wider range of attachments. Today, hundreds of municipalities profess they could not be without their fleet of Trackless.

MT6 Runner




Cummins Model QSB4.5 Diesel.
Horsepower: 115 BHP @ 2,500 r.p.m.
Torque: 360 lb/ft @ 1,500 r.p.m.
Tier 3 electronic equipped with cold start aid,
block heater, 95 amp alternator

Cross flow radiator with shroud and finger guard.
Cross flow oil cooler

Twin Disc over centre.
Electric over hydraulic actuation

Front: 1 3/8” 6 spline, 540 r.p.m.
Rear: 1 3/8” 6 spline, 540 r.p.m. (optional)

Front: Trackless quick attach with dual lift cylinders.
Rear: Cat. 1, 3 pt.
Hitch with dual lift cylinders (optional).

115 HP Trackless 4:1 reduction.

Sundstrand series 90 hydrostatic electronically
controlled and Trackless two-speed mechanical
gives infinitely variable speeds forward and
reverse in two speed ranges. Foot controlled for
convenience. Deep reduction (optional).

Standard Equipment.
20 g.p.m. engine driven pump. Priority valve directs portion of oil to steering, remainder goes to joystick control for front lift cylinders, rear 3 pt. Hitch lift cylinders, two other functions plus a power valve for remote hydraulic driven equipment. All oil is filtered and cooled before returning to tank. 55 g.p.m. in tank return filter.

Hydrostatic transmission driven at engine speed. The matching hydraulic motor is attached to the
Trackless two-speed transfer case which drives
the front and rear axles. This gives constant 4-wheeldrive. Since the MT is articulated, front and rear wheels track perfectly.

Dana Model 60 full float with Track-Lok differentials, front and rear. Track-Lok goes into action immediately when one wheel attempts to spin. Capacity 5,900 lbs. per axle.

12” x 2 ½” hydraulic on all 4 wheels. Parking
brake is mechanical on front brakes shoes.
Warning buzzer denotes “ON” when engine is

Heavy duty 8 bolt 6 ½” B.C.
15”, 16” and 16.5” diameter.

Winter: 31 x 10.00 x 16.5  6 ply.
Summer: 32 x 13.5 x 15.0  4 ply.
Dual: 31 x 10.00 x 16.5  6 ply.
Radial: LT245/75 x 16”  10 ply.

4 adjustable Halogen headlights.
1 adjustable Halogen back-up light.
2 tail-lights with turn signals.
4 turn signal markers; four-way flashers.
Strobe light available in blue or amber.

Automatic safety shut-down control for low oil
pressure and high water temperature.
Tachometer with hour meter, water temperature,
volt meter, hydraulic oil temperature, fuel gauge.
Internally illuminated. Rocker type illuminated
switches in overhead type console. One used
auxiliary switch. Fuel tank: 27 U.S. gallons
(102 litres).

Certified ROPS type meets J1040-C specifications. One man type with six tinted safety glass windows. Two side sliding windows. Air ride seat with lumbar support. Horn.Heavy duty heater-defroster. Two speed pantograph wiper,windshield washer. Inside rear view mirror. Dome light. Seatbelt. Sound deadening lining. Removable door and side panel. Convenient joystick control. AM/FM/CD radio.

Articulated hydraulic steering with tilt steering wheel, hazard button and turn signal lever are mounted on steering column.

Four piece fabricated steel for articulation and oscillation.

Low-range: 0 to 8.0 m.p.h.
High-range: 0 to 19.0 m.p.h.
Deep Low: 0 to 0.6 m.p.h. (optional).

Wheel base: 76 ½”
Length, less lift arms: 146 ½”
Height, top of cab: 78 ½”
Width: 49 ½” with single loader lug tires; 60” with turf tires;
74” with dual loader lug tires; 80” with extensions and turf tires.
Weight: Rear axle approximately 3,440 lbs.
Front axle approximately 1,940 lbs.
Total 5,380 lbs.

1. Transmission driven, 14 g.p.m. gear pump and valve for extra
auxiliary equipment.
2. Air conditioning with branch guard
3. Rear 3 pt. hitch, cat.1.
4. 540 r.p.m. rear PTO.
5. Deep low transfer case.

MT6 Runner

Trackless Attachments:

TR boom_flail_3Almost every municipality has several areas which are difficult, unsafe or impossible to mow. Ditch, steep incline, over guard rail and waters-edge cutting become problems of the past once the Trackless boom flail enters the scene.
* Requires installation of dual winter tires.
Trackless boom flail advantages include:
1. Better visibility than side or rear  mount boom flails resulting in less operator fatigue and safer operation.
2. Can be removed from the Trackless MT6 in approximately 10 minutes. Within minutes another attachment can be installed and the operator can be on the way to another job site.
3. Hydrostatic control of the ground speed by simply pushing the foot pedal ahead or back, allows the operator to react more quickly when approaching an obstruction. It also allows the operator the ability to constantly vary the ground speed, as necessary, without shifting gears, which results in higher productivity.
4. Compact size of the Trackless MT6 and boom flail interferes with passing traffic less than larger agricultural-type tractor/mower combinations. The compact size is also beneficial when transporting to and from the job site.
TR rotary_mower_0Trackless 72″ Rotary
The Trackless front mounted 72″ rotary mower is designed for close trimming on both sides with a full width rear discharge.

Four large gauge wheels and flexible attaching frame allow accurate cutting on rolling ground.

Due to the MT 6’s hydrostatic transmission, maximum speed of cutting conditions by simply easing up on foot pedal in heavier grass or depressing the pedal further for a faster ground speed where grass is shorter.

Articulated steering give the operator precise control in trimming.

TR rotary_mower_2Trackless 120″ and 168″ Rotary
The Trackless wing type mower was designed to drastically cut mowing time on large areas such as campuses and parks. Normal undulating ground requires flexibility in mowers to avoid scalping.

Trackless solved this problem with a 3 section, front mounted mower comprised of 72″ 3-spindle, PTO driven centre section with a hinged hydraulic driven wing on each side.

Separate valves control each hydraulic motor and lift cylinder. The MT 6 has a built-in hydraulic system to power the right wing and an optional pump and valve to power the left wing.

Safety switches shut off the wings automatically when raised. For side slope cutting, axle extensions and terra grip turf tires are available.

tr_leaf_loaderThe Trackless Leaf Loader is the most advanced and efficient loading machine on the market today. Leaves are picked up at curbside, mulched and blown into a truck. Advantages include:

Most customers, at the end of their leaf pickup, claim to be three to four weeks ahead of schedule, due to the ability of the Trackless Leaf Loader to load up to four trucks per hour and 100,000 pounds per day.

Even though leaves represent up to 20% of municipal solid wastes, States such as New Jersey and many communities have banned leaf disposal by land filling or incineration. As others follow, mulching/composting will soon become mandatory as the first step in leaf disposal or recycling.

Each loaded truck contains far more material, due to the leaves being mulched. Customers have reported loading 100,000 pounds per day.

Mulch can be sold or offered free of charge to landscapers and the general public for their gardens, flower beds, etc. Although the demand may not be large enough to recycle 100% of the mulch generated, the demand will increase every year, once a program is implemented.

Due to the heated cab, rain, snow or cold weather does not effect the operators willingness to work. Furthermore, none of these conditions effect the Leaf Loader’s ability to pick up the leaves even if they are stick or frozen to the asphalt.

The operator simply stays in the cab and lets the Leaf Loader do the work. As with any job where physical demands are high, total mechanization can easily double, if not quadruple, productivity.

The Trackless Leaf Loader and truck operator close to the curb, minimizing disturbance to traffic flow.

TR aerator_1The Trackless front mounted aerator is far easier and safer to operate than a tow behind aerator. Simply steer the tractor and the pivoting tine wheels turn with the tractor. Raise the aerator, shift the MT into high range and travel to the next work site, eliminating the inconvenience and expense of having to trailer the equipment.
TR sickle_bar_1The Trackless Sickle Bar Mower is quickly attached to the MT6 and uses the Trackless hydraulic system and valves for operations. It is front-mounted and visibility to the operator is excellent.
TR flail_mower_1The Trackless All Purpose Heavy Duty Flail was designed to cut grass, weeds and light brush whether on smooth lawn or rough terrain. Due to its versatility and durability, the flail has become a popular choice. Only 33 of the 2 3/4″ wide blades cut a 74″ width. The straight cutting edge of each blade is parallel to the ground to obtain a velvet smooth cut on well maintained lawns. The weight and the shape of the blades allow the mower to cut and mulch light brush, shrubs and weeds. A unique feature of the Trackless Flail mower is its flexibility, front to rear, with a pivoting of 42° angle. This ensures an even cut and no turf damage when cutting up and over knolls. It also prevents the need to raise the mower when approaching a hill. The 33 blades may be sharpened with a 5 inch disc grinder without being removed form the mower. Shear pin protection avoids damage to the drive system if the mower blades strike an obstruction.
tr cold_planer_2The Asphalt Cold Planer is ideal for repairs to asphalt abutting manhole covers, curbsides, gutters and driveways. It is also used for pothole repair and utility cuts. The Trackless Series MT6 is available with a 10:1 planetary deep reduction transfer case which when shifted into deep low, gives the operator a speed range of 0 – 10 feet/minute. Achieving creeper gear speeds any other way may be less expensive but with Trackless deep reduction, the wheel torque is 10 times what it normally would be in low range. This provides smoother, surge-free asphalt or concrete milling with very precise control. Compare against all others to see the difference for yourself.

The concrete cold planer has approximately three times as many picks and operates at a higher speed. The primary function of the concrete planer is to mill down sidewalk toe trips caused by frost heaves and to mill wheelchair access ramps.

TR loader_2The Trackless Front End Loader Attachment is ideal for the lighter work required by Grounds Maintenance Departments.

Before purchasing a skid steer loader or a small tractor/loader, consider the benefits and cost-savings of being able to mount our loader in approximately five minutes and when the work is completed, switch back to one of the Trackless mowers or other attachments.

TR Asphalt HeaterThe Trackless Electric Infared Asphalt Heater and Generator has been developed to replace traditional propane asphalt heaters with a completely different design concept.

To replace propane, an 80 HP generator powers electric elements.

When the asphalt heater is not in use, it can be separated from the generator frame in less than five minutes by simply pulling four pins. TR asphalt Heat
The 80 HP generator produces 45 KW and 175 amp. It has both 110 V and 220 V receptacles. This will power welders, pumping stations, municipal buildings, emergency shelters, etc. The generator comes equipped with safety lockouts and security fencing for the tractor and generator.


ELIMINATE:TR asphalt heat2
– propane tank storage regulations
– training/license for changing propane tanks
– running short of tanks
– possibility of leaking valves or tank ruptures
– open flame in close proximity of propane tanks
– open flame over or near catch basins or man holes where methane gas or other flammable liquids or gases could be present

TR asphalt heat3
Cycle times are controlled by a timer. Once you have established the optimum cycle time for the conditions, you can use that as your baseline and bump the timer control up or down in two-minute intervals.

Very little training is required due to the simplicity of operation. The operator lowers the heater, sets the cycle time and hits the cycle start button. Simple, safe and no consumables to worry about.

There is no open flame. Electric elements produce an even and controlled heat which will not burn the surface.

Since the heater is mounted in front of the tractor, it is easier to maneuver than trailer units. With the precise control of the tractor’s articulated steering, the operator can accurately position the infrared heater in areas where it would be too awkward to do so with a trailer unit.

TR stencil_painter_2The Trackless Paint Attachment is used for both straight line painting and stencil painting. For straight line, simply remove the cart, set up the spray gun and proceed. For stencil painting, retrieve one of your stencils from the two stencil drawers, pull out the hand wand sprayer and hose reel and paint the arrow, handicap symbol, or what ever other symbol is required.TR stencil_painter_3
TR blower_2The Trackless Snowblower is a highly efficient, two stage, twin auger unit that has no equal in removing snow from sidewalks.

It is available in four widths; 51 inch, 60 inch, 70 inch and 80 inch. All will accept either a sidewalk chute or a quick change truck loading chute.

Many municipalities utilize both chutes with their snowblower. After clearing their sidewalks, they change to the truck loading chute to load windrowed snow from the street or from cul de sacs.

In both cases, the manoeuvrability and physical size of the MT and snowblower are less apt to create traffic congestion than larger snowblowers. An average loading time for the MT and snowblower is seven yards per minute.TR blower_6

Overall heavy duty construction includes 3/8 inchthick side plates, double wall impeller housing and a 15 inch diameter bearing assembly for smooth, accurate chute rotation.

High strength, low alloy steel augers with ice picks and a heavy duty balanced impeller, easily handle the toughest snow conditions.

The snowblower is manufactured by Trackless Vehicles to ensure that the quality and service parts availability is equal to that of the MT. Positive and accurate steering of the snowblower in confined areas and around obstructions is due to the articulated steering of the MT.

The ability to move the snowblower sideways by simply turning the steering wheel allows the operator to safely approach any obstruction.

TR Spray SystemA dust control spraying system is recommended for use with sweepers.

It consists of a rear-mounted 80 U.S. gallon tank with 12 V electric pump, relief valve and hoses.

All MTs have electric wiring, hose and switch installed, ready for this system. A front spray bar kit must be ordered separately for each type of sweeper.

A variety of different spray bars are available for spraying salt brine, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, pesticides, etc.

Trackless 14′ Wide Spray Boom
TR spray boomA 14 foot wide boom is available which mounts on the rear of the water tank frame.

When spraying a lawn, marking your way is easily achieved by simply cutting the grass at the same time. As you cut the 14 foot wide swath, you spray the same 14 feet. When finished, the boom folds inward.

The boom has a break away system for forward and reverse. The system includes an adjustable relief valve and gauge for adjusting spray pressure, a pressure filter and plastic no-drip nozzles with internal poppet valves.

TR pickup_sweeper_1The Trackless Pickup Sweeper is ideal for sidewalk cleaning in the spring to remove the sand accumulation from winter. It is driven for one or more blocks and then carried over the curb at intersections and hydraulically dumped by a bottom gate. The intersection is crossed, the sweeper lifted over the curb and continues. Rubber skirting on the sides and front eliminate most of the dust but best results are obtained by using the spray bar and rear-mount water tank.
TR sweeperSweeping Snow

At various times throughout the winter, sweeping snow is the answer. Outside ice rinks and inlaid brick walkways can be swept to a near-perfect surface. Early in the winter, or in milder climates, snowfall may arrive while the ground is not frozen.

Plowing or snowblowing at this time can damage lawns abutting the sidewalk if the operator does not keep the machine perfectly centered on the sidewalk, or if the sidewalk is less than 48 inches wide.

However, sweeping the snow eliminates the possibility of turf damage and citizens’ complaints that follow. Some customers also choose to sweep and sand at the same time.

TR sweeper_2Sweeping Debris

The Trackless Power Angling Sweeper may be utilized to perform a wide variety of tasks every month of the year. In addition to snow removal, sand, gravel or debris can be swept from sidewalks, parking lots, cul de sacs, intersections, lawns and other confined areas.

Dethatching large lawns or playing fields are other ideal application for the angle sweeper.

The high output hydraulic system of the MT V powers the broom. The advantages of being hydraulically driven includes simplicity, low maintenance and relief valve protection. A scissor frame automatically centers the sweeping pattern in front of the MT as it is angled.

The combination of articulated steering and the self-centering sweeper head, which may be used as a sideshift, offers maximum maneuverability in confined areas. If dust control is required, the water tank system may be added.

TR sweeper_3

TR sander_2The Trackless Rear Mounted Spreader is used to apply salt, sand or a mixture. It is hydraulically driven and the amount of spread is controlled by an adjustment lever.

As illustrated, the Trackless spreader conserves material by dispersing it evenly in a diamond pattern rather than a solid layer. The delivery roller maintains a 41 inch spread width.

This prevents material waste as well as turf damage from salt, both of which can be a problem with spinner spreaders. As a result, reduced labour costs from fewer refills and lower material costs minimizes the overall cost of operation.

Three screw-jack stands enable one person to safely attach or remove the spreader without the aid of a lifting device.

A lid keeps moisture out and prevents salt and sand from being drawn into the engine compartment. To stop bridging of the material in the hopper, the sander now has three agitators instead of only one.

Many customers also sand walkways as they sweep the snow away. Since separate hydraulic systems power both the sweeper and spreader, they can be engaged or disengaged independently.

trfrsanderplowWith the Trackless Front Sander/Plow, extra weight transfer to the front axle and material spread in front of the tractor for the tires to grip, increases traction significantly. The unique “front and rear” concept also allows the tractor to carry two different materials, one up front and the other on the rear. Salt can be applied downtown where merchants do not want sand tracking into their stores and sand can be applied from the second spreader on the remaining residential sidewalk.
TR MT6 Plow smThe Trackless Angle Plow is available in four widths using the same push frame. It is a full trip-type plow where the blade tips forward and rides up over the obstruction.
trvplowThe Trackless V Plow is designed for higher speed plowing. The tapered nose and flexibility allows it to ride over sidewalk cracks while remaining flat. The rearward taper of the cutting edges minimizes damage to sidewalk toe trips.

An ideal combination for many municipalities is the V plow and rear mounted spreader. Since the snow is split into two banks with some fall-back on each side, the cleared width is usually reduced from 49 inches to approximately 44 inches. The spreader then follows, laying down a 41 inch wide path of material.

5wayplowThe Trackless 5-Way plow is designed for various types of plowing. The hydraulically operated hinged snowplow can be set to plow in a 30° Inverted V-Plow configuration, a 30° swept back V-plow configuration, a left straight-angle configuration, a right straight-angle configuration, or a straight bade configuration. An ideal combination for many municipalities is the new 5-way plow along with a rear mounted spreader.
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